9 Xbox One Grinding Games to Start Your Next Addiction

Grinding in games can make you experience a flash of an existential crisis at times, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t incredibly satisfying..

The incessant chase, whether for loot or any other in game commodity, is one that almost never ends, and as a result, makes grinding games an insane bang for the buck.

If you’re an Xbox One player in search of your next hearty time sink, look below for some of the best grinding and loot games on the system.

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Android Pie on OnePlus 6 and Behind

I’ve owned the OnePlus 6 for about a week now, and while I want to do a full review after some more time with mid-range heartthrob, I will say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the transition from the Samsung Galaxy S7 thus far.

And with yesterday’s announcement of Android Pie’s (Android 9) official release for not only Google Pixel devices, but the Essential Phone as well, the rush of the honeymoon phase had a bit of fuel thrown into the fire.

This news, in conjunction with OnePlus’s prompt participation in the Android P beta, are signs that we could be seeing the official release of Android Pie for the OnePlus 6 sooner rather than later.

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Nintendo Switch Online: Hope in the Unknown

A lot is up in the air concerning Nintendo Switch Online. What is Nintendo bringing to the table? Will it become a runaway success?

Find out what you can expect from the service on launch day, as well as my thoughts concerning the potential of Nintendo’s first foray into paid online.

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15 Pick Up and Play Games for the PS4

Games with value the size of continents are always to be appreciated. Rich stories, complexity through depth, an unashamed time sinks all have their place.

But sometimes, most of the time for many, you just want something you can pick up and play for a few minutes here and there.

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