Best PS4 Games with HDR

High dynamic range, or HDR, is arguably the definitive envelope pushing visual technology to grace television sets. It overtakes even the clarity bump offered by 4k resolution in spectacle when done right.

The technology first appeared on consumer televisions after April 8, 2015
and has since matured into a truly impressive visual addendum, with much more room for future improvements even still.

And quickly, a pace no stranger to consumer technology, the technology made its mark on not only TV shows and movies but also select video games.

Every single version of the PS4 can display HDR and as the technology picks up steam, more and more titles are adapting the technology.

In this article we will go over the best PS4 games that have HDR so that you can not only sit back at the spectacle but also enjoy a genuinely good new game too.

Quality with a Side of Spectacle

Dig into some of the best games on PS4 with HDR with our expanded list below as well as some games releasing 2018/2019 that will also offer the feature.

Did you know that the standard PS4 and PS4 Slim are also HDR capable? It’s not just the PS4 Pro that has this feature, as you might have been led to believe by Sony’s marketing.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best exclusives and overall games for the PS4 in 2017, with sales totaling 3.4 million copies as of June 2017.

HZD puts a new spin on the age old Ubisoft formula and crafts it into a game with an engrossing narrative, exhilarating and layered gameplay, some of the best visuals on the system, and a strong female lead to boot.

The use of HDR completely changes the visual look of the game in a way that makes things look much more realistic. The color palette changes from an oversaturated look to something much more grounded and natural.

The usual highlights and enhancements to contrast are here on display but the end result of a more refined look is the most staggering. Give Horizon a shot if the idea of battling robo dinosaurs among a rudimentary civilization, all interwoven in a compelling narrative, sounds interesting to you.

A new expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn, The Frozen Wilds, also recently released adding more quality exploration and bombastic combat for players to experience. It flips Horizon’s previous landscapes on their head with a new scenic, snowy playable area, new questlines, new characters, and new enemies.

Gran Turismo Sport

The latest entry in the Gran Turismo is a tough one in terms of how it’s going to align with gamers’ tastes.

The epicenter of this driving simulator, or “simcade” for those deeply entrenched in the genre, is nothing but masterful execution. Driving in this game is good, damn good.

It’s everything else that makes it divisive. The quick of it is that you are absolutely going to love GT Sport if the idea of progression based online racing sounds ideal to you.

There are typical ranks in place for determining skill as well as a sportsmanship rating that determines how clean of a driver you are. The addition of a sportsmanship rating is a giant leap forward for console racers as it’s the first time it’s ever been included.

And in terms of the HDR implementation, the results are jaw dropping. Polyphony Digital, developers of the GT series, have always been wizards when it comes to realistic lighting but their usage of HDR takes Sport to new heights.

The end result is HDR lighting that not only looks breathtaking but also creates an incredibly realistic visual representation. It is one of the best, if not the best, HDR game on the PS4.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 put an old spin on things for the FPS series after the modern military installments of Battlefield 3 and 4, with its coverage of the World War 1 era.

And while modern era rifles, dmr’s, and light machine guns were swapped out for a more primitive toolset for use in the sandbox, the large scale battle cornerstone of the series remained intact as ever.

Battlefield 1 is a game that is great for veterans and FPS fans in general that are a fatigued when it comes to modern military shooters and some of the downright ridiculous gameplay mechanics that have come with them over the last few years.

Even the developers of Call of Duty have realized that players are sick of spastic aerial movements interwoven into gunplay. The latest installment in the series, Call of Duty WWII, has taken a hint from Battlefield 1 and reverted back to a previous era.

Make no mistake, this is straightforward infantry and vehicular combat that has firm roots on the ground (with the exception of planes). This is not some alternate history timeline where jetpacks have oozed their way into the first World War.

Battlefield 1 absolutely nails its execution in the visuals department thanks in part to the Frostbite 3 engine. And the recent patch that brought HDR has cemented BF1 as one of the best looking games on the PS4.

The dynamic skybox and weather effects makes the WW1 shooter a perfect showcase for high dynamic range. It’s quite easy to sit back in awe as you take in the changing color palette and the dynamic nature of the sun’s light.

Make Battlefield 1 the next purchase for your PS4 library, or backlog, if you value large scale battles, engaging combat, great sound design, and some of the best graphics on the system that also makes use of HDR.

Destiny 2

At the time of this article, Destiny 2 does not yet have HDR implementation, but don’t fret, it’s coming in a few short weeks.

The official release for HDR will coincide on December 5th with the release of Destiny 2’s first expansion, Curse of Osiris.

And we have a feeling that the HDR implementation of Destiny 2 is going to be absolutely stunning due to the use of lighting that’s already on display throughout the game’s breathtaking playable spaces, as well as the overall atmosphere and palette.

While Destiny 2 may not have the absolute best graphics on the PS4 from a pure technical standpoint, its art style puts most games to shame. Art style is a visual instrument that can absolutely trump raw graphics, which is glaringly obvious with Nintendo games such as Breath of the Wild.

What makes Destiny 2 a great game?

The actual act of shooting and chewing through alien factions is an absolute joy and the execution of gunplay is truly masterful.
Destiny 2, while having its fair share of faults, is like its predecessor in that it cannot be faulted in the realm of actually playing the game, something that even many modern games fail to get right.

It’s also pretty much the only game of its type on the PS4 – a shared world looter shooter. If you like hunting for armor, guns, and items that generally add to the flavor of your character then Destiny is right up your alley.

Destiny 2, when it comes down to it, is a fantastic game for the proverbial ride along with friends. It’s relaxing while being satisfying but also challenging when you want it to be, with activities like the Leviathan raid and Trials of the Nine.

And now is the perfect time to buy into the Destiny universe with HDR and the first DLC on the way.

Other Great Games with HDR on PS4

HDR is maturing as a technology and the implementation of visual highlight is becoming more of a common thread among new releases as opposed to sparse availability.

There is already an array of great games with HDR on PS4 and it’s certainly not limited to the releases listed above. Below is a list of even more quality PS4 games to check out with the feature:

  • The Last Guardian
  • The Last of Us
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2
  • Ratchet and Clank
  • The Witness

A lot of the games with HDR in this article are PS4 exclusives as Sony has been nailing it, through and through, with their execution. And this trend is only going to continue with their first party releases in 2018/2019.

Here are some upcoming PS4 exclusives that are either confirmed to have or most certainly will have HDR:

  • Days Gone
  • God of War
  • The Last of Us Part II
  • Death Stranding
  • Spider-Man

It’s an exciting time to be a PS4 gamer with a 4k TV capable of true 10 bit HDR, with the tech really hitting its stride as of late. The same can be said for the current push of quality UHD Blu-ray releases and streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Be sure to check back with Click Press Play for more coverage of HDR in video games and let us know what your favorite HDR games are in the comments below.

The Coolest Stuff to Come Out of Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris Stream

Bungie opened up earlier today about Destiny 2’s first expansion, Curse of Osiris, and there are some truly juicy bits that have come onto the fold.

The reveal event was live streamed on Twitch and while more information is sure to come between now and its December 5th launch, any info is worth salivating over at this point.

Destiny 2 has been dry, bone dry, for a couple months and die hard fans have been wanting something, anything, new to play.

I certainly consider myself one among said fans due to my disappointment with the overall handling of Destiny 2’s endgame and nearly complete annihilation of anything resembling depth.

But let’s not veer into the specifics of Destiny 2’s shortcomings and instead talk about some of the coolest new information that has come about with this reveal stream.

Cool Collective of Curse of Osiris

Let’s first discuss some of the basics concerning the first expansion to the shared world looter shooter called Destiny 2.

The events surrounding the Curse of Osiris expansion take place some months after the events of the Red War experienced in vanilla Destiny 2. After the Red War, the Traveler woke up and embellished Mercury with light, something that the Vex had been waiting for.

The main character of this expansion is Osiris, an exiled Vanguard leader, who is in the Infinite Forest of Mercury looking for something to reveal the Vex’s greater plan.

What exactly is the Infinite Forest?

Simply put, it’s a construct created by the Vex that simulates reality. Conceptually, it’s nerd paradise, or at least a simulation thereof.

I’ve never dug too deep into the story of Destiny although I do have an appreciation for some of the lore. But the concept of the Infinite Forest sounds really, really cool and it even melds with a new activity that has lot of potential.

Now that we’ve gotten the preamble affairs of the Curse of Osiris out of the way let’s take a look at some of the coolest features of the expansion that we learned about today.

Infinite Forest and Endless Gameplay

The absolute coolest new highlight of the info to come out is about the Infinite Forest on Mercury. As we mentioned, it already has a boundless conceptual mystique going for it which is already pretty awesome.

But what’s most interesting about the Infinite Forest is what players can potentially tap into gameplay wise.

This new area will change each time that you enter it and will feature different periods of time (past, present, and future). There are different combinations of enemies and set pieces that are made use of in order to accomplish this.

It was clarified that the Infinite Forest does not make use of procedural generation which admittedly is a bit of a bummer.

But the idea of a dynamic and changing play space is genuinely exciting amidst the stale nature of Destiny right now.

We can only hope that the Infinite Forest leans more towards something like Diablo 3’s Nephalem Rifts rather than something like the original Destiny’s Prison of Elders.

Nephalem Rifts are procedurally generated but if the Infinite Forest can emulate even a sliver of that we’ll be in a great place regarding the replay value. This will also be determined by how well the live team handles the restructuring of Destiny 2’s overall end game over the coming year.

What’s Found on Mercury

We’ve already known that Curse of Osiris would feature a new playable space in the form of Mercury but a few new pieces of info regarding specifics have been released today.

There will be a new type of public event found on the planet and it is said to be the biggest yet of the activity type. This is a bittersweet piece of information because while it could hold promise, it is rather vague.

And when Bungie stays vague and speaks in generalities it usually precedes being let down.

Hopefully with this expansion we see something that makes replaying public events more compelling in the form of a reward loop or something to chase.

Lost Sectors will also be handled a little bit differently on Mercury. Before the campaign is completed they will not show up on the map to encourage organic exploration.

While not the most Earth shattering change, it does pull Destiny 2’s exploration in a direction that could offer a greater and more sincere sense of discovery.

New Raid Old Raid

Raids have historically offered some of the best gameplay experiences of Destiny and thankfully a new raid will be served up with the first expansion.

Players were worried that Curse of Osiris’ raid would come with a travesty of a catch due to the new raid being referred to as “new raid content” prior to the reveal.

And while the new raid, called Eater of Worlds, does take place on the Leviathan ship, it will offer completely new encounters, new loot, and new places to explore according to Bungie.

I absolutely wouldn’t slight anyone for still being wary of Bungie’s promises considering they have reskinned and revisited so much “new” content over the franchise’s life, but it’s their word against ours until we can see Eater of Worlds for ourselves.

Other Notable Mentions

Above is what we find most promising in terms of entirely new content but there was other new expansion info bits mentioned on today’s stream.

The Heroic Strike Playlist is making its Destiny 2 debut with Curse of Osiris and it’s a great first step towards making Strikes in Destiny relevant again.

It would be something else if they lock the addition behind a paywall but it’s a step in the right direction nonetheless.

The Lighthouse is also returning to Destiny 2 in the form of a social space, first appearing in the Destiny universe in the first game upon completing a flawless card in Trials of Osiris.

Will it only be relevant for a short amount of time like the forgotten dust enraptured farm of Destiny 2?

Only time will tell but it’s a cool addition and nice little throwback for veteran Destiny players.

Other new or returning characters we will get to see more of with Curse of Osiris include Osiris’ female ghost (Sagira), Ikora, and Brother Vance.

Waiting Out the Honeymoon

The new info that has surfaced does shine a glimmer of hope on Destiny 2’s bleak present state but it’s a matter of really sinking gamers’ collective teeth in and waiting to see how this first expansion will truly stack up.

I really hope that we will see some major endgame changes with Curse of Osiris or any added depth at all in order to massively bolster the reward loop of Destiny 2.

Most players were completely enamored with Destiny 2 upon its launch but quickly found that it was akin to a body of water a mile wide and an inch deep.

For a loot game, there really weren’t very many compelling reasons to venture on with the virtual chase soon after launch. And this is no good no matter how you spin things for a game centered around the concept of extrinsic rewards.

We will have wait and see if any of the outlined changes stated by the live team make their debut in Destiny 2’s first DLC because the game is sorely lacking at the moment. Curse of Osiris could be the first step towards creating growth and a game ripe with near endless replay value instead of the disappointment we have today.

Big thanks to reddit user dulfy for compiling information on today’s Destiny sream.

Blizzard’s Jab at Pay to Win Mechanics

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the lead in to Star Wars Battlefront 2’s official release then you know that it’s been subject to unadulterated blow back from the internet.

After many learned of Battlefront 2’s inane progression system and pay to win mechanics, players took to reddit and other communities voicing passionate and often times verbose comments as to how and why the current systems in place need to change.

Said passion is almost palpable as of now with an official EA comment on the official subreddit for the game receiving the award for the most downvoted comment in reddit history.

Adding fuel to mockery infused fire, Blizzard released a series of cheeky tweets directed at games that implement pay to win systems earlier today. This was followed by a full on advertisement for Starcraft 2 becoming free to play which also made light of the current pay to win debacle.

All Ominous Blizzard

Here are some of the tweets that Blizzard released earlier today:

And the StarCraft 2 ad announcing its free to play status while retaining a play to win status:

We’re all for this sort of playful jab by Blizzard because the current systems in place with Battlefront 2 are downright disrespectful to the player.

Yes, Blizzard is a bit of a hypocrite because Overwatch does employ what can only be called a playful form of gambling in the way of cosmetic loot boxes.

But when loot boxes are taken to the point of being game changing and a system is put in place to create a progression environment that is unfriendly to players who play without spending additional money, a line has been crossed.

Gaming corporations are attempting to squeeze players for all they are worth, edging closer and closer towards a breaking point.

One could argue that this point has already been reached but the most egregious is what companies like EA are trying to accomplish by literally stunting the player’s experience in order to accomplish a greater amount of revenue.

Much like the initial Xbox One unveiling, this situation can absolutely be changed by players through channeling dissenting opinions online. And we do hope that EA listens not only in regards to Battlefront 2 but also upcoming titles such as Anthem and the next Battlefield entry.

A Throwback to Draconian Era Xbox One

It’s only been 4 years since the official launch of the original Xbox One and yet so much has changed in the eyes of gamers.

Prior to launch, Microsoft detailed a vision for the Xbox One living room experience that was firmly cemented in an always online, DRM ridden landscape.

xbox one family

With this vision would come complete non-ownership in the form of digital rights license checks every 24 hours. In a word, it was incredibly anti-consumerist and a slap to the face of players who bolstered the Xbox brand generations prior.

To the surprise of no one, gamers completed rejected this doomsday scenario and took to the internet to voice their concerns. Almost immediately, Microsoft backtracked on their initial plan but like a cigarette, the bad taste lingered on.

Slowly, the Xbox brand’s image reversed in a way that had players looking at the console as a viable purchase – something they could see themselves purchasing and actually enjoying.

Passing the Corporate Shtick

The Don Mattrick era of the Xbox One is when things began their fiery decent into a collective attitude of anger.

And his new vision for the brand unfortunately bled to those who worked with the press, a vision that was all too hard to spin into a positive light.

Take the /r/Games interview below, for example. I was recently reacquainted with this interview thanks to a thread posted on ResetEra and it shows all too well the unsettling tone set by the initial unveiling.

Major Nelson, the handle for Xbox’s chief PR guy, is trying his best here to spin the unveiling in a way that seems like anything remotely resembling a positive message.

But you don’t have to glean over much of this interview in order to see that he’s in a tight spot. It’s honestly hard to watch more than a minute or two.

What’s most unbelievable about this initial flailing isn’t the massive whiff itself but rather the fact that Xbox as a brand rebounded afterwards.

It took some time, sure, but today the Xbox stands on its merits as a video game console rather than poorly misguided messaging.

And a lot of this is due to a man named Phil Spencer, the current Executive Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft. To put it simply, Spencer really came into the Xbox division and did things right.

In 2014, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, announced that Spencer was to lead the Xbox division and since then he has made all of the right moves towards bettering player reception.

I still have my reservations about the Xbox One, namely concerning exclusives, but I have a lot of respect for the tides Microsoft has turned and remain cautiously optimistic that things will continue to improve.

Provided Phil Spencer continues to put the focus on games the lead in and start of the next generation Xbox could have a lot in store. More importantly, Microsoft could avoid the shackles of another PR fallout.

Best PS4 Games with High Replay Value

Even though video games generally depreciate in cost at a moderate pace, the initial $60 buy in puts the overall hobby on the costlier side.

This is why many PS4 gamers are after experiences that lend themselves to tons of replay value. The types of games that you can dump hundreds and sometimes thousands of hours with absolute ease.

In this article we’ll be covering the best PS4 games out now with high replay value in addition to some games in the 2018/2019 pipeline.

High Replay Value Games Out Now

Below we’ll dive into 7 different games spanning various different genres that all offer players tons of value.

Looking to spend 100 or more hours with one particular game?

The PS4 titles below are right up your alley, available now, and some are even free.


  • Genre: Third person ARPG
  • Also available on Xbox One and PC
  • Get it on the Playstation Store

Warframe is an absolutely balls to the wall frenetic action RPG that has literally enveloped some players for thousands of hours. We placed this first on the list because of the price, in that there is none.

Warframe is entirely free to play and is supported with the use of microtransactions.

A brand new open world expansion, Plains of Eidolon, is set to release for consoles by the end of the year.

It’s a loot based game so the treadmill churn here is the constant chase towards new and better gear to become more powerful to get better loot. The cycle never ends. Ever. Which is why this is the type of game that hooks players hundreds upon hundreds of hours.

A fair warning here, where certain games such as Diablo 3 and Destiny 2 can tend to slap some players silly with a lack of depth, Warframe goes into the opposite direction.

It’s highly likely that you’ll find yourself absolutely overwhelmed at the start and it can be a very, very grindy game. This is why it’s recommended to look up a beginner guide or two and head on over to a community like the official sub reddit.

But hey, it’s free. So if any of this sounds remotely interesting to you then boot up your PS4 and start downloading the game off of PSN.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

  • Genre: Isometric ARPG
  • Also available on Xbox One and PC
  • Get it on Amazon

Diablo 3 is the premier isometric action RPG for the Playstation 4. Loot drops and character builds are the main thrills here and man does it have an enticing gameplay loop.

The gameplay is simple enough for most people to pick up and makes use of rudimentary button combos in order to efficiently roll on masses of the undead.

The loot you pick up will have a direct effect on how much power you output, your defenses, and can even change the dynamics of your skills.

There’s a fantastic free alternative to Diablo 3 called Path of Exile but unfortunately it’s only available to those with a PC or Xbox One. If you have either then get on that!

There are different classes to choose from and they each have their own abilities/skills which results in vastly different playstyles. A Wizard is going to have different abilities than a Crusader which is going to have different abilities than a Monk and so on.

One of the best aspects of this particular looter package is how Diablo 3 handles multiplayer. There’s traditional online multiplayer that you can play with up to 3 other people.

But there’s also couch coop, a rarity these days, that you can also enjoy with 3 of your friends. You could even play locally with one of your buddies and start up a lobby online in order to play with 2 other friends online.

The cherry on top of Diablo 3’s offerings includes the somewhat recent addition of seasons. With the seasonal mode you compete with others online to see just how far you can take your geared up character, complete with various forms of leaderboards.

Diablo 3 is one of those PS4 games that’s great for those that want to kick back, relax, and kill stuff casually as well as those who to want to reap all that the endgame has to offer.

Destiny 2

  • Genre: First person shared world shooter (MMO Lite)
  • Also available on Xbox One and PC
  • Get it on Amazon

It’s boundless, infinite, and you can go anywhere you please. It’s Destiny.

This is what most diehard Destiny players would like from the sequel to the best selling new IP but unfortunately we’ll all be waiting for this experience a long, long time.

Melodrama aside, Destiny 2 is a pretty damn good game. It’s a shared world shooter (essentially an MMO lite) that has you shooting and looting different alien races with friends in various types of activities.

You can explore different planets and moons, venture through winding one off dungeon type areas, tackle mechanic driven raids (just one for now), and even compete with other players in PVP modes.

The potential for variety is there in Destiny 2 and technically there is quite a bit of variety. It’s just the execution of various endgame systems that leaves a lot to be desired.

Flaws aside, the systems in place certainly do foster a higher than average amount of playtime among those that dig their hands in Destiny. So far I have nearly 70 hours in Destiny 2 and played the original Destiny for 375 hours.

And that’s peanuts compared to many guardians – with many clocking in 100’s of hours so far in Destiny 2 and thousands in the original release.

Take Sean, Click Press Play cohort, for example. He as already clocked over a hundred hours in Destiny 2 and put in almost 1000 hours in Destiny 1.

Even though Destiny 2 is experiencing somewhat of a lull now for those that put in serious time since release it’s only going to grow and expand with regular expansions and updates.

The Bungie weekly update released on October 26, 2017 outlined all of the changes coming to Destiny 2 in the near to long term. Among those was an outlined strategy detailing how the endgame will be fleshed out for players.

What does this mean for regular players?

It means that, provided it is something you’re interested in, there will be opportunities to chase even more goals and in the spirit of this article, attain even more replay value.

Rocket League

  • Genre: Sports game
  • Also available on Xbox One and PC
  • Get it on Amazon

Rocket League is great for those bite sized lulls in your day that you want to spend gaming. Bite sized, 5 minute matches that quickly add up to hours as you grind out “just one more” in hopes of a better rank.

Personally, Rocket League never dug its claws in me but I can absolutely understand the appeal. It’s a dance of nitrous infused, acrobatic cars playing soccer.

It’s all very simple until one understands that there is a pretty high skill ceiling at play in Rocket League. This is what makes it so addictive and many times infuriating.

Rocket League is an incredibly competitive game if a person wants it to be. Playing the game casually can eat up your time just as easily but seeking out the next win, the win that puts you over the edge, is what does people in.

I’ve seen this first hand with people I know, namely my brother. The entrenchment of focus, unbridled rage, and one pointed thrill of victory.

And, of course, spinning it all back up at chance of any or all of it simultaneously. Frankly, it doesn’t make sense at times but I understand this all too well with my own experiences in the online multiplayer realm.

It all starts with the game of soccer and acrobatic cars. If this deceptively simple premise sounds interesting to you then definitely give the game a whirl. Another great thing about Rocket League is that it was featured on Playstation Plus and retails for only $20.

If it hooks you, this is a game that you can ride as mainstay, go to play indefinitely. It’s just so easy to hop in and play a few (or 20) matches, especially with friends.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Have you heard of the new hot thing in gaming known Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds?

It’s the player versus player game that has sold at least 20 million copies according to the most recent reports and has overtaken Steam’s daily concurrent users charts.

I bring up this current lightning in a bottle of gaming to illustrate that the mode in PUBG, battle royale, is monumentally popular.

And Fortnite is a game that offers a battle royale mode to PS4 players for free. In fact, it is the only battle royale game available on the Playstation 4 as PUBG is yet to release for the system.

Heads up: If you have an Xbox One S or Xbox One X you will be able to play PUBG on December 12th.

In Fortnite you join up to 3 others in a high stakes game of survival. At the start of the game you drop in on an island from above, with 100 players total populating the map.

Upon dropping, you make your way throughout the island in search of guns, materials, traps, bandages, and shields, all of which are randomized in placement.

In carry over from the PVE mode of Fortnite, you are able to build structures as you traverse by using materials harvested and gained. You can build anything from dynamic cover to fortresses in the air.

The catch?

Fortnite Battle Royale employs a life leeching storm that closes in on players as the match progresses. At the start of the match anywhere on the island is up for grabs, but every few minutes the circle gets smaller until you are finally left with a rather claustrophobic area.

Games last as long as you and your team does but are generally pretty quick. It’s the same sort of phenomenon with Rocket League where you’re constantly loading up a new match in hopes of being the winning team.

And it really does feel incredible to come out on top among the 100 players. The longer you survive the more intense the game becomes, resulting in the potential for victory becoming this buzzing, tangible item just within your grasp.

If you want to join the craze on PS4 then head on over to PSN and pull it up. It’s free and will always be free so there’s nothing to lose but time. The PVE mode of Fortnite will also become free sometime in 2018.

Rainbow Six Siege

  • Genre: Tactical FPS
  • Also available on Xbox One and PC
  • Get it on Amazon

These days the shooter market is incredibly saturated making it hard to new entries to stand out from likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Rainbow Six Siege is a first person shooter that offers a much different experience from most other shooters on the market. At the core, Siege is a 5 versus 5 tactical shooter with no respawns.

It has a high learning curve but this is what makes it so rewarding when the game finally clicks. Even in its casual mode every kill feels meaningful and akin to a huge personal victory.

The new season for Siege is set to release soon and with it will come additional operators and a new map. The season should drop sometime after the season 3 finals which fall on November 18-19.

Gameplay systems like character, or operator, abilities and highly destructible environments make Siege that much deeper of a shooter. Add to that labyrinth like, multi layered maps and you’ve got yourself a competitive game with extreme depth.

You’ll be constantly learning and iterating upon your own gameplay which is what makes this a game that can easily be played for hundreds upon hundreds of hours. Not to mention a fully fledged ranking system to chase a more tangible carrot on a stick.

All of this is backed by regular balance patches and content updates for each new season.

And did I mention that you don’t have to pay for any of the downloadable content?

If you’re looking for a new shooter with incredible replay value, one that breaks the mold of the status quo, then Siege is right up your alley.

Ubisoft has also confirmed that there will be at least another year of continued support in 2018.


  • Genre: Hero based FPS
  • Also available on Xbox One and PC
  • Get it on Amazon

Overwatch is a hero shooter that pits two teams vying for an objective. It is like Rainbow Six Siege in that new content is being regularly added for free and the meta game is constantly being changed.

Overwatch is a PVP game so there’s always the chase of kills and wins. It’s generally less tense then Siege but that doesn’t mean the intensity is entirely absent.

Competetive mode complete with ranks is a mainstay which is where you’ll find high stakes play if that’s your thing. But Overwatch is also a game that’s incredibly easy to sit down and play with friends casually.

It’s one of those games that’s great for chilling with friends and catching up. You may find yourself more vulnerable to questionable teammates in quick play, the casual mode in Overwatch, but it’s great for pairing with endless banter nonetheless.

The best part about this Blizzard title is that they’re is a hero for everyone. No matter what kind of player you are there’s bound to be a character you click with.

There’s everything from a sniper equipped healer to a flying bulbous mech. And the roster only expands over time.

For the more vain players out there (who isn’t?), there are also hundreds of skins, emotes, player icons, and sprays to hunt via lootboxes. Regular Overwatch events add even more time limited cosmetics to grind out.

Honorable Mentions

The above list is some of our favorite games that we believe to the best right now with insanely high replay value but there’s definitely more worth checking out on the system.

Some other great PS4 games with high replay value include Spelunky, Rogue Legacy, Final Fantasy XIV, Borderlands 2Dark Souls, Gran Turismo Sport, Call of Duty, and Battlefield 1.

2018/2019 PS4 Games That Have Potential

There’s never a shortage of games to play these days but that doesn’t stop most of us from looking to the future for adding to one’s backlog.

Below is a list of just a few high replay value games to keep tabs on:

  • Last of Us Part II
  • Anthem
  • Borderlands 3
  • Red Dead Redemption 2

Didn’t see a particular PS4 game that you find to have a lot of replay value?

Let us know some of your picks in the comments.

Respawn Acquisition – The Road Ahead

Yesterday it was announced that Respawn Entertainment, the developer behind the mech laden Titanfall franchise, will be acquired by EA for as much as $455 million.

It’s not an entire shock to the senses as Titanfall 2 reportedly did not meet sales expectations. While critically praised by large media outlets such as IGN and Gamespot, Titanfall 2 was heavily marked down in price just a few short months after release.

And so the Titanfall franchise with soon join the likes of EA owned FPS behemoths like Battlefield and Battlefront. This triple threat is certainly great for the publishing giant but what will it mean for Respawn exactly?

Permadeath Mode

The biggest and most pertinent issue of this buy out is the potential for Respawn to be eviscerated at a later date. Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn Entertainment, posted a letter to the public yesterday stating that the future is bright and that there are swaths of future potential at the hands of newfound resources.

But this is hardly reassuring as at least 12 studios have been run into the ground and subsequently shut down by EA some time after acquisition. Kotaku has a handy list of 11 studios shut down and with the recent news of Visceral Games that’s another added to the pile of studios sullied and squandered in the name of EA’s overall market trajectory.

Studios shut down by Electronic Arts include:

  • Visceral Games
  • Maxis
  • Pandemic
  • Phenomic
  • Westwood
  • Black Box Games
  • PlayFish
  • NuFX
  • Mythic
  • Origin
  • Bullfrog
  • Dreamworks Interactive

It’s no surprise that the internet has taken to a bit of a freak out concerning the acquisition. The potential for yet another close is certainly there and it isn’t as though it hasn’t happened in the past. Electronic Arts has been around this block at least a dozen times.

And the alternative to this grim path isn’t much brighter. EA as a studio generates massive amounts of money via microtransactions. Yes, Titanfall 2 already featured a fair amount of these.

But the implementation of said microtransactions were generally fair, unobtrusive, and were not predatory. In essence, it was in total defiance of the loot box craze while still delivering regular free content updates such as maps and modes.

I cannot be so sure that Titanfall 3 will continue this same trend. If you’ve been keeping tabs on Battlefront 2 then you know that it not only features loot boxes, but loot boxes that actually influence the game.

This is Star Wars we’re talking about. It isn’t as though this is a franchise that needs bolstering when it comes to revenue. And yet, it is now included with veracity in the second installment.

So what will become of Titanfall 3 within the context of microtransaction implementation? The second installment is already known to have under performed.

And with the death grip soon to take effect, what’s to stop EA from nudging Respawn’s mechanics and systems in such a way that allows for maximum revenue per user.

Would this be inevitable without yesterday’s acquisition? Perhaps. It’s just that now there is absolutely no doubt that EA will do what it can to influence future productions to meet projections.

There is always the possibility of a middle ground or maybe even bright and ever lasting sunny days. It’s just hard to meet this alignment when past and present paint a much more sinister picture.


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