Welcome to Click Press Play

Hello and Hello.

Welcome to Click Press Play – a sanctimonious sanctuary of all things media.

In actuality, here at Click Press Play we’ll be covering video games with a little bit of TV, music, and general tech to keep things lively. The bread and butter of the site will, however, be video games.

For now, the main contributor of the site will be myself (Max) with my friend (Sean) kicking in some pieces here and there to start out with.

I play primarily on the PS4 and personally love most loot games, shooters, RPG’s, and racing games.

Some games I’m playing right now include Diablo 3, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, and Destiny 2 (love/hate).

In addition to general news and reviews we want to do editorials, guides, gameplay videos, buying guides, and generally any other content that’s “off the beaten path”.


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