Animal Crossing: New Horizons sells over 22 million units and shows no signs of stopping

Animal Crossing has often been a series that confounds the definition of a video game, and it’s part of the reason why the newest release, New Horizons, has done so well this year. The mixture of excellence with the bizarro world we currently live in has meant that the series has not only resonated with long time fans, but those that wouldn’t otherwise venture into gaming as a hobby.

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According to Nintendo’s official sales chart for first party games, the play has gone so well that roughly 22.40 million people have bought into island living.

The massive growth in good fortune is hardly limited to Animal Crossing. CNBC, based on official financial statements, has reported that Nintendo’s operating profits have grown 428% in the fiscal first quarter. This growth has resulted in a profit of $1.4 billion.

And based on continued excitement from the gaming sphere, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, along with other Nintendo holdings, look to have plenty of steam left when all is said and done. At once pointless and endlessly structured, it continues to be the perfect escape from the unpredictable stress of 2020 and beyond.

Why has New Horizons sold so well?

While many would argue endlessly that predecessors like New Leaf are better, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a fine game. It’s certainly benefited from the locked down nature of the world we’re living in, but it’s also got the chops to keep new buyers interested.

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It’s comforting, as simple or complex as you want it to be, social, and unique in a way that most games fail to nail. There are titles like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon that are similar, but nothing quite captures the feel of Animal Crossing. It is quintessentially Nintendo.

But it’s also taken a fork in the road where past Animal Crossing titles haven’t. Similar to other recent Nintendo titles, New Horizons is a GaaS. Continued updates and support have meant that players constantly have something to look forward to.

New Horizons’ continued support is a large reason why the game sells by the boatload

Some of this new content has been ported from previous games in the series, but it’s still had the effect of driving relevance on places like Twitter and YouTube. Most recently, the addition of the Dream Suite has caused an uproar of engagement on social media.

Past updates and the promise of a fall update just around the corner means that Animal Crossing is able to stay relevant in ways that the series has never been able to.

It also doesn’t hurt that the Switch has been wildly successful since launch. The nature of 2020 has only accelerated this and as of now there are over 60 million units sold.

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The best aspects of the system have also become more pronounced. It’s the perfect console for families stuck at home and its versatility means that it can be enjoyed either in full focus or while multitasking.

Despite the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X this holiday season, New Horizons and other Nintendo titles will only grow in reach as we move closer to fourth quarter spending.

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