Pennypack Trail review

field near ratharn farm

2 minute read

One of the few unabated activities in a post pandemic world, I’ve recently been making an effort to seek out walking and hiking trails in my general area. My latest outing, at the suggestion of my girlfriend, was Pennypack Trail. Beautiful, well maintained, and ripe with scenic spots – it’s a trail I highly recommend for those living in Montgomery and Bucks County, and one I’ll definitely make my way to in the future.

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COVID-19 makes its own time

2 minute read

Tossing, turning, and chewing on the unknown was the bulk of my internal life at the onset of COVID-19. It still is to a lesser extent. Like others, the rollout of the virus began with an indifference that quickly morphed to waves of panic. Ballooning cases in the US, economic catastrophe, and a statewide shutdown made sure of this.

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