Do Ryzen CPUs have integrated graphics?

ryzen integrated graphics

2 minute read

Although Intel is favored overall in the market, AMD has made incredible strides in recent years with their Ryzen CPU lineup. No longer is the latest i5 or i7 the de facto solution for dedicated gaming PCs.

And just as with popular Intel solutions, AMD offers its own line of all in one solutions. That is, some Ryzen desktop and laptop processors come equipped with integrated graphics. Buying into one of these desktop processors means that you won’t need to buy a GPU like the RTX 3070 or Radeon RX 6800.

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How to Disable Wake Up Time Notifications in f.lux

about f.lux

1 minute read

f.lux, the defacto blue light filter software, offers users a simple and auto-regulated way to limit a computer screen’s effect on sleep. Windows 10 now offers its own baked in solution, Night Light, but I’ve found f.lux’s implementation to be the better one.

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