Do Crucible bounties count in Iron Banner?

The introduction of Bungie’s twist on the battle pass in season 8 has made bounties more relevant than ever.

Dailies and weeklies spread across every corner of the Destiny 2 universe means that playing your cards right will net you a constant stream of xp and rewards.

The best way to do this? Making use of crossover activities like Crucible and Iron banner.

Crucible bounties count in Iron Banner

lord shaxx random bounties
Stacking dailies has never been easier with the introduction of random bounties.

Any bounty that you pick up from Lord Shaxx should count while playing Iron Banner.

What is Iron Banner?

It is a recurring time-limited event in Destiny that offers the chaos of Crucible where power level determines damage given and taken.

This means that in addition to chasing pinnacle rewards via Iron Banner weeklies, you’ll be able to knock out the near limitless supply of Crucible bounties.

Using this method has been incredibly effective for me since playing again and has served as the backbone for leveling, xp progression, and constant rewards.

Even if you’re a F2P player, juggling dailies and weeklies provides tons of loot, currencies, and consumables thanks to the free track in the season pass.

Bungie has made stacking incredibly easy by:

  • Providing a large amount of inventory space
  • Allowing players to buy extra random bounties from Lord Shaxx for 3000 glimmer

The ability to buy extra bounties applies to other vendors as well.

  • Telemetry bounties are another way to grind rewards independent of activity type

Completing Crucible and Iron Banner bounties is the most effective pairing for those taking part in the event, but working on other vendors’ bounties, such as those offered by the gunsmith, is also possible.