Does Destiny 2 New Light have in game LFG?

Despite the franchise’s tumultuous history, Destiny 2 New Light has introduced a myriad of activities to do, gear to chase, and progression loops to get sucked into.

The best part?

Most of it is available to those who forego paid expansions.

Even still, there is one constant that proves to be a barrier to those just getting started – the most difficult and rewarding end game content lacks matchmaking.

In order to enjoy all of the game’s activities you’ll need to utilize LFG (looking for group) to create a premade fireteam.

Destiny 2 still lacks in game LFG

destiny 2 guided games
Guided Games is hardly a replacement for true LFG.

Restricting the game’s hardest content to premade fireteams, while a form of gatekeeping, does make sense.

Without communication and coordination, activities like raids and high level Nightfalls would be a miserable experience.

The only problem with this is that Destiny has never and still doesn’t include an in game LFG system. The introduction of New Light and Shadowkeep hasn’t resolved the issue.

For whatever reason, Bungie is still reluctant to implement such a system either existing in a specialized menu or integrated in the Tower.

The solution?

There are a few, but all rely on using external resources.

External LFG alternatives

destiny companion app fireteam finder
An official tool exists in the app…but it’s never advertised in game.

The closest you’ll get to an official LFG tool is an LFG tab in the Destiny 2 companion app.

It’s easy to miss since the app’s feature is never promoted in game, but the companion tool is available for both Android and iOS.

Configuration is as simple as signing in with your associated credentials. Looking for or creating a group can be done by navigating to the Fireteams section in the bottom menu.

Other popular resources for finding groups include:

As one of the most popular games on the market, the market for LFG apps and websites has grown mature and most resources are constantly populated with players.

Thankfully, the majority of LFG websites offer specific filtering for platform, activity, experience level, and requirements.

Will LFG ever make it in game?

It’s hard to say. Something similar already exists – Guided Games – but most players show preference towards external tools.

And while in game LFG would be a boon for many, Bungie tends to err on the side of caution when it comes to minimizing potential toxicity.

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