Forza Horizon 5 works flawlessly with Windows Snap (PC Game Pass)

One of the best parts of getting a competent PC has been the ability to multitask without a hitch. Being able to throw The Simpsons or The X-Files to the side while I play something has been incredible. Excess stimulation? Definitely. But it’s just one of the things Xbox Series X and other consoles can’t match.

I usually gravitate towards games that don’t require a ton of narrative investment. These are perfect for throwing on a podcast or using Windows 11 Snap to watch something to the side. Forza Horizon 5 and its predecessors have always been peak “podcast games” for me – cruise, tinker, and chip away at activities/leaderboards. Thankfully, it works perfectly with Windows 11 Snap.

I realize that most PC players are using multiple monitors to achieve this sort of thing when playing games but I thought I’d let anyone know who plays on a larger single display (in my case a 43 inch TV). It’s also something those with an ultrawide monitor might want to know before buying Forza Horizon 5 or subscribing to Game Pass. I eventually want to move towards multiple monitors, an ultrawide, or some combination, but it’s always great to get even more use out of what you have.

Forza is the perfect type of game to use alongside Windows Snap but unfortunately it’s not a given that games play nicely in windowed mode. Destiny 2 is the perfect (annoying) example – it requires you to fiddle around to get it to behave when splitting your screen into zones. In the case of Forza Horizon 5 the full gamut of features works. Snap Assist functions, resizing zones behaves, and there’s generally no bugginess to speak of.

I’d really love to know why some games don’t function with Windows 11 Snap. It’s grown even more useful since Windows 10 and doesn’t require any extra software like Fancy Zones (at least for my use case). I really ought to research the way some games fail to hook into Windows Snap and write about it here.

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