How to Disable Wake Up Time Notifications in f.lux

f.lux, the defacto blue light filter software, offers users a simple and auto-regulated way to limit a computer screen’s effect on sleep. Windows 10 now offers its own baked in solution, Night Light, but I’ve found f.lux’s implementation to be the better one.

The only real problem I’ve encountered with the software is one particular feature added in recent years – Backwards Alarm Clock. In theory, it’s a great way to remind a person to go to bed by telling them how long until they wake up. The reality is that for those that might not utilize a specific wake up time with their personal computer, and tend to stay up late, it results in regular and annoying notifications.

If you’re sick of the annoying “You’re waking up in (insert amount) hours.” notifications, thankfully getting rid of them takes a few clicks. The path to disabling the notification is Right click f.lux icon in Windows tray>Click Options and Smart Lighting>Uncheck Backwards Alarm Clock.

disable backwards alarm clock in options

That’s all there is to it, and getting rid of the Backwards Alarm Clock notifications puts f.lux back where it shines as an unassuming and incredibly effective piece of software.



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