New Spin: Dark Side of My Room

There’s no shortage of alright to good electronic tracks, but in my experience, it’s not often you organically come across something that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Artist: Extrawelt
  • Track: Dark Side of My Room
  • Genre: Minimal

Dark Side of My Room is exactly that and it’s something I happened upon about a week ago.

Extrawelt’s track is minimal and recursive just as millions of other electronic tracks are, but it lacks the recession that the majority have.

Its lean towards engagement without ever being overbearing is what ultimately makes it one of my favorites in recent times.

I have a bit of a soft spot for minimal electronic and it’s ripe for obsession when done right.

If you have any propensity for the minimal side of electronic it’s well worth a visit. The track has also served as a gateway for other incredible songs.

The Spotify song radio for Dark Side of My Room is algorithmically sublime.

Just a few of other great songs I’ve found include America (Extended Version), Not on a Map, and Mango.

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