Pennypack Trail review

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One of the few unabated activities in a post pandemic world, I’ve recently been making an effort to seek out walking and hiking trails in my general area. My latest outing, at the suggestion of my girlfriend, was Pennypack Trail. Beautiful, well maintained, and ripe with scenic spots – it’s a trail I highly recommend for those living in Montgomery and Bucks County, and one I’ll definitely make my way to in the future.

Where Pennypack Trail shines most is in its diversity. My girlfriend and I started our walk at the corner of Welsh and Terwood Road, and made our way northbound from there. While initially alongside traffic it’s not long before the area surrounding the trail is mostly woods and the odd house or two.

pennypack creek

Even on the main trail you’ll likely see plenty of wildlife consisting mostly of birds, deer, squirrels, and chipmunks. And while the main trail is plenty to get an exhaustive walk or bike ride, there’s a good amount of opportunity to diverge from the path to make the walk into something more of a hike. This is where we found most of the beauty tucked away surrounding the main trail (particularly near Raytharn Trail parallel to Raytharn Farm). We also found some great time for just the two of us in the less trafficked offshoots.

In terms of other people, the main trail was moderately trafficked with a healthy dose of joggers and bikers (and one mini Jeep). We went during the afternoon on a Wednesday so I’d imagine that it gets quite busy on weekends. The trail itself was also maintained very well. If you decide to venture off the beaten path you’ll probably find that quite a bit is overgrown.

wooded area pennypack trail

The hiking trails offer more wildlife and plant diversity, but there are also a lot of ticks to watch out for. As sublime as it can be, some spots make for a paranoid trek. I’d still highly recommend going off the beaten path for beautiful tucked away settings. You’ll also find a genuine workout/hike during some sections due to variations in elevation.

benches under a tree

Since diving deeper into hiking, I’ve been using AllTrails to find available routes at popular spots. It’s something else I’d highly recommend, and incredible at finding new trails surrounding heavily trafficked ones (especially when it’s your first time somewhere).

The only warning I’d give is that with Pennypack Trail, there were a few times the app seemed to give incorrect information. I’ve noticed a slight disparity on other hikes as well.

Overall, the trail is well worth a visit for anyone in the greater Philadelphia area, and one that is sure to be one of my mainstays.

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