Monitor basics: running 75 Hz over HDMI

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Getting right to it:

  • Modern HDMI gaming monitors do support 75 Hz
  • Starting with HDMI 1.3 (2006) displays using the standard could output 1080p at 120 Hz
  • HDMI 2.0 (2013) introduced support for 1080p at 240 Hz

Despite the push for high refresh rate displays, 75 Hz monitors are still a great option for low latency gaming. They’re much lower priced than 144 Hz monitors, often have low input lag, and are usually 1080p (great for all PC build types). When it comes to hooking your monitor up to your GPU you’ve got two options: HDMI and DisplayPort.

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PC gaming basics: can 1080p monitors display 4K?

The gist of it:

  • 1080p monitors and TVs can’t display a 4K resolution outright
  • Supersampling can be toggled on PC render at 4K resolution, and ultimately provide a much cleaner image on your 1080p display
  • Supersampling will automatically be done on consoles like the Xbox Series X|S and PS5

Considering monitors and TVs last well over 5 years in most cases, it’s likely that you’ll get a new console or upgrade your PC well before your display dies out. What happens when your new PC can display resolutions up to 4K while you’re still playing on a 1080p monitor?

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