How to easily change underline spacing of links in WordPress


Even with the plug and play nature of WordPress, most bloggers, at some point, realize that the slightest bit of CSS can make a world of a difference in tweaking the front end design of a website.

For those detached from the world of programming and computer science, the pressure to use an all encompassing theme can be tempting, but the truth is that most customization is quite simple.

In my latest pursuit of drilling down the subtle design changes of Click Press Play I’ve taken to reworking the spacing of underlined links.

Adding spacing or padding between a hyperlink and underline, I’ve found, is much more pleasing to the eye than one that “hugs” a link.

So, how exactly is this accomplished in a WordPress site/blog?

The answer lies in a simple line of CSS added to the custom CSS section of your theme’s appearance.

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Can you change your appearance in Destiny 2 New Light?

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