Diablo 4’s (sometimes) solo play

  • You’ll see other players in towns and the open world even when playing alone
  • Only interested in Diablo 4’s story? You’ll be completely fine playing solo
  • Some end game content might be tricky by yourself but is also achievable for most players

Diablo 4 is a damn fine game played solo. I’ve played over 50 hours (right up to World Tier 3) and not once have I felt like I couldn’t do a piece of content. Its story, side missions, and most end game content can be done by yourself provided you’re willing to put a little effort into your build. But there are a few exceptions.

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Diablo 4 feels like a live service game 2 years into its future

For all of the time I put into the launch of the original Destiny, it was beyond barren in terms of content. It was a damn good time, but most of that was in the excitement of something new from Bungie other than Halo. Playing with friends also tends to polish mediocre experiences.

I went through the same cycle with Destiny 2, and watched as Anthem crashed and burned a couple years later. That era during the launch of the original Destiny feels like the real start of the live service boom, and since then new types of experiences that demand all of your attention have been popping up every month it seems. But it’s really the normalizing of that type of release strategy that stings the most these days – rushing a game to market only to fix things up after the fact.

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Early access Diablo IV is fantastic except for those frame rate drops

diablo 4 lilith

Some of my early leveling experience in Diablo IV:

  • Diablo IV early access has all the bones of a solid foundation – the gameplay, aesthetic, and ARPG hooks all impress
  • Blizzard has really went for it with some of those shop bundles…
  • I’ve been experiencing some severe frame rate drops on the second day of early access with a pretty competent PC (server related?)

I’ve been waiting on Diablo IV a while now. I’m not someone who’s been with the series since its inception, but the gap since Diablo III on the Xbox 360 is plenty long for me. Only being a lowly level 15 or so, it’s hard to dig into the the finer details of Diablo IV’s depth (or where its headed). But I’ve got to say, when it comes to broad strokes Blizzard has absolutely nailed the of foundation feel, aesthetic, and general hooks in ways that will surely carry the game for a long time to come.

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The Division 2 has got the mood

moody storm in The Division 2

Ever since taking a break with Destiny 2 I’ve been missing having a “dick around” shooter. The Division 2 seemed like the perfect fit being featured in a recent Xbox sale – tons of exploration, solo viable, and plenty of legitimately new content to enjoy before hopping onto an inevitable hamster wheel. The Destiny 2 hamster wheel is fun, but things get stale without breaks.

I originally tried it out on PS4, and I’m almost positive it was a free PS Plus game at the time. The only problem is that it was closer to the peak of the pandemic frenzy so it played a little too close to home at the time what with the narrative setup of the game.

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Fallout 76 is the pinnacle of atmospheric design

Fallout 76 capitol

Half baked and thoroughly puzzling – I like many others was confused by the initial release of Fallout 76. From the outside looking in it seemed to run the gamut of all issues associated with a GaaS title released a tad too soon. Unsurprisingly, it received a mountain of backlash.

Over time, my curiosity in what Bethesda Games Studios had developed started to overtake Fallout 76’s initial blunder. Recently, nearly 3 years after its release, I decided to take the plunge. Part of me wanted to see if things had remained truly horrendous and the other part of me wondered if a steady stream of updates had brought Fallout 76 to the surface.

What I’ve found after 20 some odd hours of playtime is that while it certainly lacks qualities found in traditional Fallout games, its level of atmosphere is far and away above anything I would have expected. Fallout 76’s rendition of West Virginia might even be one of my favorite examples of open world atmosphere.

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Which Destiny 2 activities have matchmaking?

which destiny 2 activities have matchmaking

Thanks to fireteam size restrictions, a lack of in game LFG, and the realities of coordinating schedules with friends, it’s not unlikely that you’ll find yourself unprepared for some of the activities in Destiny 2.

Thankfully, Bungie has catered to those playing solo by increasing the amount of matchmade activities over the game’s life.

Below are all activities that provide seamless matchmaking as well as those that remain exclusive to those with premade groups.

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Do Crucible bounties count in Iron Banner?

lord shaxx destiny 2

The introduction of Bungie’s twist on the battle pass in season 8 has made bounties more relevant than ever. Can you change your appearance in Destiny 2 New Light? Dailies and weeklies spread across every corner of the Destiny 2 universe means that playing your cards right will net you a constant stream of xp … Read more

Can you change your appearance in Destiny 2 New Light?

character overview

Since the release of New Light and Shadowkeep, Destiny 2 has seen a myriad of new ways to customize and alter characters to your liking. Armor 2.0, transmog, and an easy to digest shader system have all played their part in making this a reality. Enter New Light: playing (enjoying?) Destiny 2 again 11 essential … Read more

Enter New Light: playing (enjoying?) Destiny again

destiny 2 dreaming city skybox

Through peaks and (deep) valleys, shrugging off the Destiny franchise in search of something more stable is something thousands have experienced. For me, it was the lackluster launch of Destiny 2 that instigated my longest break from the series.

The sheen was there, sure, but a lack of execution and bite sized content lead the iteration to the height of what can make the series so unrewarding. But as any toxic relationship goes, it was only inevitable that I crawl back.

I, and I’m sure many other series veterans, couldn’t help but fend off Bungie’s new free to play initiative (dubbed New Light). And while some of the fringed edges still remain, doing so has been a surprisingly positive experience.

Quite simply, the game is flush even for New Light players, and there’s plenty to sink you’re teeth into if you’re a lapsed player looking to play Destiny 2 again.

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