Running the tracert command on Halo Infinite’s servers

udp packets halo infinite

I’ve always been fascinated by networking, and diving into the fundamentals of IT with academics only took that need to know further. It turns out games have been a great way of going hands on thanks to the incredibly powerful Wireshark (a free and open source packet sniffing application). Poking around at multiplayer games has been an awesome way to see how things play out in real time.

Most recently, following the path between my PC and a game’s servers with the tracert command has been a great way of understanding more about real world networking practices. The tracert command uses the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) – a diagnostic protocol of the network layer – to map out each stop from your computer to an endpoint designated by you (IP address or domain name).

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Does PS4 support gigabit ethernet?

Does PS4 support gigabit ethernet_

As the graphical prowess and overall complexity of PS4 games grows, install sizes continue to soar. It’s not unheard of for games to push 60 gigabytes, and with constant patches, it can feel like you’re downloading more than playing.

Internet speeds are more relevant than ever, with more and more individuals investing in higher tier plans from ISP’s to support a constant influx of downloads, Spotify, Netflix, and online multiplayer.

Some have even gone so far as buying into gigabit internet with providers like Google Fiber and Verizon Fios.

Which brings us to the crux of console networking:

Does the PS4 support gigabit ethernet? Can it fully take advantage of a lightning fast fiber connection?

Technically, each model supports the standard but there is a catch.

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