The man who designed the look of the PS4

who designed the look of the ps4_

From its sleek angles to minimalist footprint, the original PS4 was largely championed for its design while the Xbox One drew comparisons to the VCRs of yesterday.

Further revisions to Sony’s next-gen console took a bit of a different approach – the Slim sliding into the background and Pro opting for a stacked approach – but its design ethos largely remained intact.

A couple standout special editions like the 20th Anniversary Edition and Destiny 2 PS4 Pro Bundle added some flare to the otherwise conservative console lineup and, as a whole, Sony has continued to prioritize its gaming first mantra.

Whether high end Bluetooth headphones or 4K TVs, the importance of elegance is something that can be seen across most of Sony’s consumer electronics, and in the case of its latest consoles, the principle falls in the hands of Tetsu Sumii.

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The Waning Years of Sony’s Dominant Console

How Long Will PS4 Be Around_

While focusing on mainstream AAA games might suggest otherwise, the current generation of consoles has tapped into the overwhelming majority of gamers’ hearts.

And if you’ve primarily been playing on the PS4, the selection has been pixel perfect paradise so long as you appreciate single player games.

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