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New Spin: Dark Side of My Room

new spins

There’s no shortage of alright to good electronic tracks, but in my experience, it’s not often you organically come across something that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Artist: Extrawelt Track: Dark Side of My Room Genre: Minimal Dark Side of My Room is exactly that and it’s something I happened upon about a week ago. … Read more

One possible cause to Fire TV Stick randomly shutting off

hot sun

As cool as beaming content to your TV with a Google Chromecast is, there’s something to be said about the reliability and feel of a remote. The first and second generation devices from Google were quick to impress me, but ever since using a Fire TV Stick it’s become my preferred way of streaming.

The only issues I’ve had so far with Amazon’s entry level device is its tendency to sometimes lag (mostly with the Hulu app) and crash when streaming. A little lag is easy to deal with, but random reboots are a buzzkill to say the least.

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