Easy fix for SteelSeries mouse blinking red

I’ve had my SteelSeries Rival 110 mouse for about 4 years now. It’s a budget model but it’s served me well. The only problem is that I noticed the RGB functionality became wonky after moving from a gaming laptop to a desktop. It was no longer the showing off the green I was using for years and instead was slowly blinking red.

The fix?

I knew that it couldn’t be the battery failing because…well…it’s a wired mouse. And then I remembered that I originally had to download SteelSeries software to set up the color I wanted. This turned out to be the solution. These days the software is called SteelSeries GG and in addition to device customization (CPI, RGB, mapping, etc.), there’s also aim training and audio enhancements available.

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How to switch your Microsoft account for the Dolby Access app in Windows 11

If you’re like me you prefer to use multiple accounts on your Windows PC. The only problem with this is that managing accounts can be infuriating when it comes to licensing and app access (looking at you Xbox Game Pass for PC).

I’ve wanted to test out how Dolby Atmos for headphones sounds with Diablo IV, and that’s when I realized that the Dolby Access app only refers back to the currently signed in store account. This can be an issue for those who originally bought a Dolby Atmos license on the Xbox or another PC (Dolby Access allows licensing for up to 10 devices).

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Do Ryzen CPUs have integrated graphics?

ryzen integrated graphics

Although Intel is favored overall in the market, AMD has made incredible strides in recent years with their Ryzen CPU lineup. No longer is the latest i5 or i7 the de facto solution for dedicated gaming PCs.

And just as with popular Intel solutions, AMD offers its own line of all in one solutions. That is, some Ryzen desktop and laptop processors come equipped with integrated graphics. Buying into one of these desktop processors means that you won’t need to buy a GPU like the RTX 3070 or Radeon RX 6800.

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