New Content on July 30th for the Understated GT Sport

After falling out of the racing genre since playing the infinitely underrated Driveclub, I’ve had a lingering itch to dive back into something substantial. After initially passing on Gran Turismo Sport due lackluster reviews and feeling as though the content wasn’t up to par, I sat back and watched as Polyphony Digital’s service type approach came to fruition.

The studio has stayed true to its word from launch until now, releasing new content nearly every month, and by the end of July they will have added another notch to the constant stream of content.

Polyphony Digital’s CEO and producer, Kazunori Yamauchi, in tandem with the official Gran Turismo Twitter account, has released bite sized teases of the July update starting at the beginning of the month.

Content confirmed to release with July 30th update:

  • 7 new cars
  • New driver suit customization
  • Ability to add drivers in scapes photos
  • New track, maybe fantasy, located in France

So far, Kaz has shown there to be a new track located in France, 7 new cars, new driver suit customization, the ability to place drivers in scapes photos, and additional obscure teases.

The latest tweet, posted 2 hours ago at the time of this post, shows close up shots of one of the 7 new vehicles.

Players much more knowledgeable of car models than I have discerned that the Mazda 787b and an F1 car is to be included if the vague shots are any indication. Many believe that the new track in France will also be one of the fantasy variety.

Based on the newest close up shots, some are speculating it’s the F1 Mercedes AMG W08.

Compilation of July 30th Update Tweets

My Time on the Track

Based on my 25 or so hours of play with GT Sport since buying it at the end of June, I would call Polyphony Digital’s latest installment in the franchise understated, flawed, and ultimately, deeply satisfying, zen, and rewarding.

Driving on the tarmac feels damn good, even with a controller, something not to be taken for granted if what I’ve read about games like Project Cars 2 is any indication. I don’t think the handling model is perfect, namely in regards to the feeling of car to surface interplay, but it is good enough in most aspects.

This isn’t a hardcore simulator after all, and I knew this going into the experience, but it does feel enough like a sim for most players.

I think what this game needs to progress is simply more – more tracks, more single player events, more cars, and an expansion overall with the systems at play.

It’s also very easy to empathize with those who long for the traditional progression and RPG aspects of hallmark entries in the franchise.

GT Sport is a game that oozes class and style, welcomes all, challenges the player to advance in racing skill, and as result, is a racer that any PS4 owner should pick up in its current state.

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