Fortnite: do you unlock unredeemed items when the battle pass expires?

The short of it is…

  • Yes, your unused battle pass stars will automatically be used to redeem eligible unlocks when the current season’s battle pass expires.

This is something I just confirmed myself since I was wondering if all of my unused battle pass stars would go to waste (I had quite a few available to use). Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 just ended while Fortnite Wilds has rolled in to take its place.

I loaded up Fortnite on my Xbox Series X, and sure enough there were at least a dozen battle pass items to claim. From what I can see, the automatic unlocks will just redeem things sequentially so you obviously won’t be able to pick and choose like you would have when the season was live.

I’m not sure if I missed out on potential V-Bucks tiers – whether the automatic unlock skipped over V-Bucks or I’m just misremembering how many V-Bucks I already had (not many). Please let me know if you noticed whether you did or didn’t get any V-Bucks you should have below.

It’d be really crappy on Epic’s part if automatic unlocks weren’t a thing (it may have been the case in the past), and you’re basically throwing away money if lose out. For now, that kind of FOMO isn’t something you have to worry about.

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