Gnawing Hunger review

No matter how long you’ve been out, Destiny always manages to reel you back in.

Thankfully the release of New Light has helped the experience flourish in more ways than one.

Most notable for me has been the ease at which you can alter your playstyle, and one of my earliest drops, Gnawing Hunger, was the one to set it off.

Consistent and a straight shooter, it’s something that I find myself coming back to time and time again.

King of the mob

Where Gnawing Hunger truly shines is in its ability to consistently wipe adds. You’re not getting any burst damage, but due to its magazine size it’s quite easy to kill several enemies before reloading.

It’s lean towards damage over time is why I’ve slotted Backup Mag.

For optimal damage output, it would probably be best to use a kinetic weapon that offers a higher raw DPS and falling back to Gnawing Hunger for easy mob clears.

Its near non-existent recoil, decent range, and predictable spread make it a delight for multi-kills in Gambit, Strikes, and general PvE aimlessness. Despite its high rate of fire, it never strays from being a laser.

PvP wise it’s serviceable but certainly nothing meta tilting (though I tend to stray from the meta anyway).

Fit for discipline

Grenades, grenades, grenades.

Ever since the onset of New Light my mission has been a constant supply of grenades and my particular roll of Gnawing Hunger is most likely why I’ve used it so much.

Its ability to easily take multiple enemies with one clip makes it the perfect match when it comes to Demolitionist.

I’ve done what I can to spec for Discipline but this auto rifle has been the last piece of the bombastic puzzle.

Sure, any gun slotted with Demolitionist might work, but Gnawing Hunger’s mix of rate of fire, stability, and magazine size is the perfect match.


Bungie has been known to reuse assets and so I may very well be oblivious to dozens of replicas during my hiatus.

Even still, Gnawing Hunger is sleek as hell.

Most of the art in the Destiny franchise is as good as it gets as far as I’m concerned, but an a aesthetically pleasing weapon that’s also fun to use is never a bad thing.

I’m currently rocking Verdigris and Bungie’s current economy ensures persistent novelty.

Just good enough

I’ll readily admit that Gnawing Hunger is drop of inexplicable attachment.

It’s not best in class, you most likely won’t see it brought up on places like reddit and YouTube, and it certainly doesn’t define the meta.

But if you’re looking for something new to try out, this one’s worth skipping out on some shards.

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