Perpetual haze (The Division 2 screenshots)

It’s been months since I’ve played The Division 2 but it still stands as one of my favorite third-person shooters ever. The game is also stunning and I remember having a blast diving into the in-game photography.

You’ll eventually find yourself in a gameplay loop of repetition but The Division 2’s atmosphere and detailed setting make it so much easier to digest. The shots below (click for full resolution) really highlight the oppressive humidity you’ll find in the fictionalized Washington DC.

For as much as people talk about the first game’s superior atmosphere, Massive Entertainment truly nailed the overgrown and foggy environments of The Division 2. It’s one of the better games I’ve come across for virtual photography.

The Division 2 has incredible gameplay and progression, but the world building is a big reason why I’ll eventually return to the game. It also helps that it has a pretty stacked roadmap for year 5.

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