What will Mobius Digital do next?

Outer Wilds was an experience that cultivated wanting more. It was the special type of game where I had landed on something that was so refreshing compared to the modern landscape. Mobius Digital’s standout release was emotional in the sincerest way, and I think many others found and valued this in what it offered.

It’s still quite fresh in my mind, and I want to allow myself a little more time before venturing into Echoes of the Eye. I’ve read nothing but good things upon doing the usual scouring of reception and thoughts of others on Reddit and elsewhere after beating the main release. But I can’t help but wonder – what will Mobius Digital’s next game be?

I want to do a review of Outer Wilds, and I’m beyond satisfied with the experience as a whole (and its messaging). But much like the nature of the game, I can’t help but simmer on what a team like this could possibly cook up. For me, anything new from a creative team such as this one is one I can’t wait to dive into.

And after going a little big of digging, it seems one thing is for certain – Outer Wilds 2 isn’t their next project. It sits well with me considering the type of experience Outer Wilds was.

According to an interview published in Edge Magazine with Alex Beachum and Loan Verneau (co-creative leads), nothing definitive has be pushed to the public but several things are being toyed with. The team seems to be openly heard and design ideas are regularly drawn from them.

They also really want to nail how to let the player fail in a way that’s interesting. I think this a big reason why Outer Wilds hit so damn hard. But the really cool thing that they’re doing is exploring ways to “…eff with a player’s mind” as way of shifting perspective.

I see this as incredibly alluring, and something that I think the team really nailed in Outer Wilds. This is so, so hard to nail in media, but I always appreciate when someone takes a swing. I think the team really has their hands on the pulse of mystery and exploration, so I’d love to see them go in that direction again.

Deadlines are the natural order of things, but I hope they can take as much time as they need to settle into something. As long as they go for it and take that proverbial swing I’ll be beyond happy. It’s not often we get to experience this type of vision matched with execution.

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