Digging up Red Dead Redemption 2 screenshots

I finally got around to buying another USB drive (Samsung BAR Plus 32 GB) so that I can share and export media from my PS4. I’ve mentioned previously that I want to get into photography. For better or worse, I’ve started posting my mobile shots thus far.

It’s without a doubt the best way to share screenshots and gameplay despite some of its shortcomings. In addition to the traditional stuff, “virtual photography” or “video game photography” is also something I’ve wanted to explore. Whether or not the outlet is genuine photography or something summarized as mere screenshots is fodder for many endless arguments, but I’m certainly not alone in the interest. A quick look around Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram shows that sharing in game moments has blown up in popularity the past few years.

In any case, these are some Red Dead Redemption 2 screenshots I found while testing my new USB stick and digging around my PS4’s hard drive. To this day, both the art direction and technical achievements of the game amaze me. Each of these shots are framed in Saint Denis, one of the best places to capture what Rockstar has pulled off.

The lighting in particular is astounding. Red Dead Redemption 2 released nearly two years ago, a lifetime a graphical development, but it still remains the most technically impressive game in my eyes. To date, it has sold over 29 million copies.

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