Can you change your appearance in Destiny 2 New Light?

Since the release of New Light and Shadowkeep, Destiny 2 has seen a myriad of new ways to customize and alter characters to your liking.
Armor 2.0, transmog, and an easy to digest shader system have all played their part in making this a reality.

There is still, however, one glaring omission for those looking for cosmetic flexibility: it is still not possible to change the appearance of your character in 2019.

Haphazardly created an ugly character when the original Destiny launched?

Unfortunately, you’re stuck with what you’ve got.

The only solutions to this problem include:

  • Deleting your current character and creating a new one from scratch
  • Hiding your character’s face by wearing your helmet in social spaces like the Tower

For many, it’s not quite enough as there’s something to be said about taking your character through the entirety of the Destiny franchise.
If you’ve yet to start a character in New Light, choose your appearance wisely for the 3 available character slots. Destiny 2 may not offer the most in-depth character creator but your decisions are permanent all the same.

What to do before deleting your current character

account wide items destiny 2
Items that are account wide include currencies, consumables, and shaders.

Finally fed up with the look of your character?

Deleting it in favor of something fresh is a (somewhat) valid workaround, but you’ll want to make sure you don’t wipe your hard-earned gear in the process.

Before deleting your character, ensure that all your current armor and weapons are placed in the Vault (ships, sparrows, and ghosts are also not account wide).

  • The vault can be found on the wall leading up to Lord Shaxx (Crucible vendor).

Also make sure that you decrypt any engrams for your soon to be deleted character.

Inventory items such as tokens, currency, consumables, and shaders are account wide so there’s no need to transfer.

How to delete your character

how to delete destiny 2 character
Hold X or Square if you’re on Xbox/PS4 respectively. For PC players, holding F will delete a character.

Once you’ve transferred all applicable items to the vault, head to the character select screen to permanently delete your character.
The process of deletion is simply a matter of hovering over the character and dismantling as you would a piece of gear.

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